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Express Cleaning Uppsala AB was founded in 2005 by a group of enthusiasts with a great experience.
Chairman of the Board with 12 years experience in the cleaning industry.
Our goal is to be Stockholm’s largest and best provider of Facility Services.
With focus on quality, safety and punctuality.

Express Cleaning Uppsala AB has been active on a professional level
and run by dedicated and professional staff.
All staff within the company are well trained in their field
and have large and long experience in the industry.
Particularly well-trained and specialized, we are moving in cleaning,
floor care, window cleaning, building cleaning, stair cleaning and office cleaning
and store cleaning planes and aircraft.
We work at the airport aircraft in Stockholm five years in which they are very satisfied.
For us, cleaning more than just cleaning.
It is also to care premises and entertain people.
As one of the leading cleaning companies, we have extensive experience in various types of cleaning ranging from small offices to large industrial facilities and exhibition halls.
Cleaning of all possible places. We clean public places, airports, ferries and hotels, schools, universities and hospitals. Whatever area is our desire always the same, to clean with care and accuracy with high quality is our main principle. We think the extra materials and environment.

You can use Express Cleaning Uppsala AB to ensure that important tasks of your business gets done without having to involve yourself more than necessary. You can hire an entire staff with everything from Head to individual employees. Employees can then blend in completely in your business environment or act as subcontractors.

We who work with large companies that supply cleaning equipment and cleaning materials city paper, Nilfisk, Hako, 3M, JonsonDiversey, Drying, Vileda

We target companies and private individuals in Sweden.

The contact with the customer, it is important for our company. We focus on personal responsibility for the person doing the work and labor management by service, timeliness, proximity, flexibility, competence and cooperation is incredibly important words for us.

Express Cleaning Uppsala AB is working purposefully with high quality and service.
We invest continuously to improve the skills and status in the cleaning profession.
For us it is also important to invest in good technical cleaning equipment that raises
quality and efficiency at work.
Express Cleaning Uppsala AB has a current liability with
a sum insured of not more than 10 million SEK for each claim.

Our vision is to give our customers more quality of life and time to do other things.


Our mission is to carry out cleaning to the highest quality
at every stage. Our employees work together to provide our
customers the best service. All employees receive training,
both in connection with the recruitment and development
at work. Personal responsibility, competence and commitment
lays the foundation for the overall quality of our work.

Right based organization with delegated responsibility and
powers is the basis to provide a good
servicing. Within Express cleaning Uppsala AB, there are only three decision levels:
leadership, management and cleaning staff. This provides an opportunity
to a rapid and direct communication, which in turn effectively
reduces the time between decision and action.

Since its inception in 2005, more and more companies and organizations
discovered that we are the cleaning company that best meets their
needs. Industrial and service companies, hotels, municipalities, airport,
schools and day care centers and private individuals to submit to
warm hand their cleaning to us.
We are one of Sweden’s fastest growing companies in our

Our customers know they can rely on us
Our quality policy means that we strive to make
right first time, on time and to agreed terms.
As our customer, you should feel that it is always well
cleaned and cleaned and that what we do is characterized by thoughtfulness
and service-mindedness.
Each month, we documented quality controls.
With monthly customer surveys and follow-up meetings ensures
we ensure that our customers are satisfied with our work.
With ISO 9002 quality system, we support the development of
company and its employees.
Personal responsibility, competence and commitment of all
employees shall be the basis for the overall quality of the
work Express Cleaning Uppsala AB performs.

Our environmental policy of responsibility
and commitment to our customers, employees, our
common environment and for future generations.
With the support of our environmental policy we are working to reduce
pollution, waste and use of natural resources.
We take into account environmental considerations when selecting suppliers and
chemical products. Recycling and recovery
packing, the correct dosage and use of the so-
called miracle cloth (to clean with just water)
are concrete examples of our environmental work.
Everything is documented in the environmental management
ISO 14001.

Express Cleaning Uppsala AB is insured by Modern Insurances
in an amount up to 10 million per incident.

We have agreements with Real Estate Workers’ Union and
AMF insurance for all employees.

Statements from some satisfied customers:
”We are very pleased Express Cleaning Uppsala AB. They think for themselves
when they are clean and you really feel that it has become purely
when they passed through our office and our production facilities. ”

”We chose Express Cleaning Uppsala AB on a recommendation from another
hotel. The best thing about them is the price that they will quickly
into the work and the clean up. ”

”We have hired Express Cleaning Uppsala AB to move the cleaning solutions and cleaning
for tours for several years and we are very pleased.
They really have the right attitude to service and Magnus is
always available by phone. Sometimes it’s in a hurry and they ask
at short notice. They have never said no to a job. ”

Our customers include among others:
Acoustic CONTROL
LSG Sky Chefs Arlanda
LSG Sky Chefs Central station Stockholm
Ica Supermarket Savja
Ica Kvantum
La fabbrica baker
Uppsala Kantor
Restaurang Ugglan HB
Gyllene Saxen
Drottninggatan 2
Nyby ( trapphus)

Contact us for more information about our customer references.

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